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Coral Passion Fine Fragrance Hair & Body Mist

Hydrate your body with Duft & Doft's Fine Fragrance Hair & Body Mist for a refreshing experience anytime, anywhere.  Spritz the light mist all over for a delicate scent that is subtle but long-lasting. Enriched with green tea and mineral water to keep your skin and hair moist and hydrated. In travel size for all-day freshness! Uplift your senses with our Coral Passion, a sweet zesty fragrance of Mandarin and Magnolia!

  • 150ml
  • Contains Green Tea, Mineral Water, Agave

  • Agave: Contains minerals and nutrients for a healthier skin
  • Oxygenated Water: Helps with hydration and delivers nutrients deep inside the skin for improved transparency
  • Green Tea: Contains more Vitamin C than a lemon to help boost skin vitality. Suitable for even sensitive skin types.
  • Madonna Lily: Helps with moisturization to damaged skin to improve suppleness and retain hydration for longer periods
  • Mineral Water: Full of minerals to help calm the skin and maintain hydration balance.
  • Free of benzophenone, synthetic dye, mineral oils, petrolatum and synthetic surfactants.

使用Duft & Doft香水洗髮身體噴霧滋潤你的身體讓你隨時,讓你隨地具有清涼的體驗。Spritz全身淡淡的薄霧。富含綠茶和礦泉水,讓您的皮膚和頭髮濕潤和水分。全天新鮮的旅行裝!使用我們的Signature Angels Cotton  香味來提升你的感官。

  • 100毫升
  • 含有綠茶,礦泉水,龍舌蘭
  • 龍舌蘭:包含一個健康的皮膚礦物質和營養成分
  • 含氧水:有助於水化和深層提供肌膚透明度提高內部營養成分
  • 綠茶:含有比檸檬維生素C較多,以幫助提高肌膚活力。甚至適合敏感的皮膚類型。
  • 麥當娜百合:具有保濕有助於受損肌膚,改善柔軟度和更長的時間保留水分
  • 礦泉水:富含礦物質,幫助鎮靜肌膚,保持水分平衡。
  • 無二苯甲酮,合成染料,礦物油,礦脂和合成的表面活性劑。