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Welcome to DUFT & DOFT, Korea's #1 Fragrance, Life & Beauty curation brand. We are all about delivering the ultimate body care experience using natural ingredients and truly unforgettable fragrances. Our skin care products are enriched with innovative and purifying ingredients for an uplifting sensorial experience. It's also what we don't use that really counts*; no parabens, mineral oils, talc, synthetic dyes, benzophenones and other potentially harmful chemicals (*check each product for more details).

Founded in Seoul in 2013 by Jai H. Park, a 20-year fashion industry veteran, DUFT & DOFT means 'Fragrance and Fragrance' in German and Swedish respectively. Our signature fragrances are inspired by Scandinavian countrysides, filled with natural goodness and freshness.

Despite our relatively young age, DUFT & DOFT products have spread quickly through word of mouth and rave reviews on social media. Now, our products can be found in all the major Korean Department Stores, Exclusive Stores, Duty Free Shops and Olive Young Stores nationwide (+500 stores)

We let our products speak for themselves. In fact, our phenomenal growth was achieved without any celebrity endorsements. Quite a feat given the hyper-competitive nature of the K-Beauty industry! But don't just take our word for it. Find out for yourself why DUFT & DOFT is gaining so many new fans and was recently dubbed by fashion bloggers as the #1 new cosmetics brand 'you want to keep for yourself'. Our signature Stockholm Rose Nourishing Hand Cream was voted #1 under three categories (absorption, anti-stickiness, fragrance) in a blind test. Not surprisingly, our hand creams and body mists are already the #1 sellers in their respective categories at Olive Young stores in Korea! (#1 selling Hand Cream in 2016, #1 selling Body Mist in 2016. Source: Olive Young). Also, our face care products, especially our innovative SalmonVgene™ Hydro Active Masks enriched with active ingredients derived from salmon roe extracts (Omega 3, Sodium DNA), continue to gain rave reviews and outsell others in the category! Our popular Pink Milk Mask recently won the Top Spot at the Glowpick Awards for face masks as well.

Welcome to the world of DUFT & DOFT