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SalmonVGene™ Hydro Active Mask Set - 5 Masks

Experience the ultimate in facial care treatment with Duft & Doft's SalmonVGene™ Hydro Active Mask. This luxurious high-density microfiber air-sheet mask comes generously soaked in nourishing essence enriched with active ingredient Omega-3 amino acids and blended sodium DNA derived from salmon roe extracts to drastically improve the skin's natural rejuvenation process. Other natural ingredients, such as green tea saccharomyces ferment water (40%), collagen and pearl extracts provide intense moisturization and skin tone whitening. At 38 ml, the mask is infused with 3 times more essence than others in the market, providing a concentrated immersion experience. For an instant total re-generation, anti-wrinkle and skin whitening effect, all at once. This is not your ordinary face mask, guaranteed! One of our Best Sellers!

  • 38 ml / 1.3 fl.oz
  • Enriched with Omega-3 and blended sodium DNA derived from salmon roe extract (1,000 ppm), Green Tea Saccharomyces Ferment Water (40%), Pearl Extract, Aloe Vera, Collagen, etc

即時全面再生、抗皺、美白一次完成,唯有Duft & Doft SalmonVGene™ 鮭魚備真超級功效童顏面膜! 極致奢華的高密度超細纖維空氣膜紙浸泡於38ml護膚精華,蘊含Omega-3氨基酸及從鮭魚子珍貴提取物得出的混合DNA鈉鹽等活性成分,顯著提升肌膚的自我修復再生效能。綠茶酵母水(40%)、膠原蛋白和珍珠提取物等天然成分同時發揮深層保注水及美白功效。
面膜注入38ml護膚精華,是市面上其它面膜產品3倍容量! 讓肌膚沉浸於集中修護的極致體驗,功效保證絕非一般面膜可比擬! 品牌最暢銷產品之一。