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SalmonVgene™ Hydro Active Cream

Discover the ultimate in facial hydration, anti-aging and skin tone whitening with Duft & Doft's SalmonVgene™ Hydro Active Cream. Enriched with active ingredients derived from salmon roe extracts, namely sodium DNA and SVG Complex™,  our hydro active cream revitalizes, hydrates and refreshes your skin like no other. An ingredient favored by dermatologists to boost skin youthfulness, sodium DNA is well-known for its stimulating properties of cell restoration. Also contains pearl extracts for skin tone whitening and collagen to boost skin firmness. For that coveted flawless, porcelain-like skin!

  • 50 ml or 1.8 fl.oz
  • Enriched with sodium DNA, SVG Complex™, Green Tea Saccharomyces Ferment Water (20%), Aloe Vera, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Pearl Extracts

Duft & Doft 為你呈獻終極的面部保濕、抗衰老及美白新發現--SalmonVgene™鮭魚備真細胞再生童顏霜。鮭魚子提取物活性成分(DNA鈉鹽及SVG Complex™) 為你的肌膚帶來再生、注水及剔透的童顏體驗。DNA鈉鹽貴為皮膚科醫生所推崇的活膚抗老成分,有效激發細胞自我修復效能。添加珍珠提取物作為重點美白成分,而膠原蛋白則讓肌膚時刻透彈緊致,為你帶來完美無瑕的再生童顏!

蘊含DNA鈉鹽、SVG Complex™、綠茶酵母水(20%)、蘆薈、膠原蛋白、透明質酸及珍珠提取物成分。