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Mint Kiss Sensory Lotion

Relieve your stress and relax with Duft & Doft's Mint Kiss Sensory Lotion! Enriched with peppermint, green tea, lavender and basil, our anti-stress massage lotion is perfect for deep tissue massage as it glides effortlessly onto the skin while providing a soothing and refreshing aroma-therapeutic experience. Especially effective on the neck, behind the ears and other sore and knotted muscle areas. Our relaxing essential oil blend promotes circulation and sense of well-being combined with uplifting aromas to create a feeling of pure tranquility!

  • 98 ml (3.4 fl.oz)
  • Enriched with peppermint, green tea, lavender and basil
  • Free of parabens, mineral oils, benzophenone, synthetic dyes, talc, synthetic surfactant

Duft & Doft's薄荷吻感覺化妝水減輕你的壓力,放鬆!富含薄荷,綠茶,薰衣草和紫蘇,我們的抗應激按摩乳液是完美的深層組織按摩,它毫不費力地滑行到皮膚,同時提供一個舒緩和清新的芳香治療經驗。在頸部,耳朵後面和其他疼痛和肌肉打結領域特別有效。我們輕鬆的精油混合促進血液循環和幸福感,與令人振奮的香味相結合,創造純寧靜的感覺。

  • 98毫升/3.4 fl。盎司
  • 富含薄荷,綠茶,薰衣草和羅勒
  • 無尼泊金酯,礦物油,二苯甲酮,合成染料,滑石,合成表面活性劑