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Anti-Bugs Spray (with Icaridin) - 防蚊蟲芳香噴霧

Protect yourself and your family from biting bugs such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, sand flies and gnats with Duft & Doft's Anti-Bugs Spray, possibly the most fragrant and dependable insect repellent available in the market! Containing the active ingredient Icadirin, a harmless chemical approved by both the WHO (World Health Organisation) and US EPA, and considered more effective than DEET, this anti-bugs spray strongly repels against a broad spectrum of biting insects, especially against mosquitoes that may transmit the Zika Virus or West Nile Virus. Lightweight with a fresh fragrance (no odor), the spray is non-sticky and leaves no stains. Safe for use by the whole family, especially young children. Approved by the Korean FDA. Perfect size for hand carry and outdoor activities. Don't leave home without it!

  • 50ml (1.8 fl oz)
  • Active Ingredient: Icadirin(also known as Picadirin), a harmless chemical approved by the WHOand US EPA. More effective than DEET.
  • Non-Sticky. No Stains. No Odor.
  • Fresh Fragrance. Light weight. Non-Greasy
  • Free of DEET and Permethrin

TO USE:  Hold the container 15-18cm away from the skin and spray evenly with a slow sweeping motion. Re-apply every 3-4 hours for best protection.

Click Hereto learn more about the active ingredient Icaridin

保護自己及家人免受蚊蟲、床蝨及跳蚤叮咬,Duft & Doft 防蚊蟲芳香噴霧很有可能是市面上最可靠而又氣味清新的防蚊蟲噴霧! 蘊含世界衛生組織及美國國家環境保護局認證為無害,同時比DEET更為有效的的活性成分Icadirin,防蚊蟲芳香噴霧預防蟲咬效能極佳,有效驅趕寨卡病毒或西尼羅河病毒的傳播蚊蟲。輕盈質感配上自然芳香,不會造成黏膩或弄髒衣物。韓國FDA 認證,保護一家大小,小孩同樣適用。方便攜帶,戶外活動必備恩物!

蘊含活性成分Icadirin (又名Picadirin)。