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Hair Care

Discover Duft & Doft's luxurious Ultimate Remedy Beautifying Oils Blend haircare series, enriched with argan, camellia, avocado, meadowfoam seed and sweet almond oils for the ultimate haircare remedy and treatment. Our shampoos are silicone-free, meaning that your scalp will feel lighter and healthier. Our Honey Blossom Nourishing Hair Shampoo is enriched with Hanbang Complex, a combination of 7 medicinal herbs famous for their properties of strengthening the root of your hair and helping prevent hair loss. Our Ultimate Remedy hair essence is enriched with Silk Amino Acids (SAA) that helps penetrate the hair follicle, delivering a light protein directly into the hair while preventing moisture loss. Free of silicone, mineral oils, talc, BHT and coal tar dyes.Full of nutrients and beautifying oils!

發現Duft & Doft豪華的終極解決辦法美化精油複方護髮系列,富含堅果,山茶花,鱷梨,池花籽油和甜杏仁油提供最終的頭髮護理的補救措施和治療。我們的洗髮水都是無矽,這意味著你的頭皮會感到輕鬆和健康。我們花蜂蜜滋養洗髮水富含漢邦複雜,7藥材著名組合的性質增強你的發根,並幫助防止脫髮。我們的終極解決辦法護髮精華富含絲氨基酸(SAA),有助於穿透毛囊,直接將光蛋白到頭髮,同時防止水分流失。無矽氧烷,礦物油,滑石,BHT和煤焦油染料。充分營養的美化油!

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